Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bye Bye Bizzell

On Thursday, March 23 several current and former DoubleClicker's gathered to celebrate the departure of seven year DCLK veteran Robert Jackson, aka Bizzell.

In addition to local office staffers (Thompson, Waltzer, Bier, Bullington), attendees included several west coast converts such as Doucet, Master Chen, Knopper, "I can't wait to have his desk" O'Meara, and Santagata (Reich and McKenna were no shows), and San Francisco office old timers such as Grimes, Miller, bi-coastal Mohan, Benson and Wright. Jenny Jenny, Lewdouski, Kerwick, and Normie made appearances (Dowley no show'd), and newbies Szetso/Geoff practiced their prospecting skills on unsuspecting audiences.

Special thanks to everyone for making this an event reminiscent of the old Clicker days, and Carol "you back up" Lopez (friend of Burkhart's) for taking the group picture. We are sure it will be displayed promenently in Bizzel's new corner office.

Jax, we'll miss you man.